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Regal's SHIELD patio doors have been painstakingly designed to satisfy the most discerning homeowner. Not only do they look superb, but they're strong, secure, and give excellent protection against the worst of weathers.

High levels of security have been achieved by incorporating multiple locking points, combined with a built-in anti-jacking system which ensures that it's impossible to lift a door off from the outside.

Despite the rugged security, with barely a fingertips touch, our sliding panels glide effortlessly along the stainless steel track, ensuring the kids or elderly can make full use of the garden & outdoor spaces. And, because the panels slide, you need'nt sacrifice your indoor space either.

Excellent protection against the worst weather is achieved through a combination of thermally efficient uPVC framing, durable weather seals and the thickest sealed glazing units generally available for patio doors.


Reinforced, high strength, low maintenance uPVC framing.

Excellent all weather protection and sound insulation.

2, 3 or 4 pane versions available to accomodate any opening.

Background trickle ventilators available for fresh air ingress.

Available in White, Light Oak, Rich Mahogany & white/coloured options

Gold handles supplied as standard - white option available.

Tested to ensure many years of high performance with minimum maintenance

Full 10 year guarantee on uPVC framing and insulating units.

Why not make an existing window into a patio door.
Sliding doors can be integrated into bays or sunrooms.
Bring the outdoors into your living room.
Excellent weather proofing keeps your rooms warm & cosy.

See more of your garden with a Regal patio door.

Colour options

Gloss White
 Light Oak
Rich Mahogany
Light Oak/White
Rich Mahogany/White
Opening options
2 Door Layout - Max Width 2.5m
3 Door Layout - Max Width 3.6m
2-Door Layout
Max Width 2.5m
3-Door Layout
Max Width 3.6m
4 Door Layout - Max Width 5.5m
4-Door Layout
Max Width 5.5m

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